That awkward moment when a really cute girl sits near you, and you’re in the middle of an argument about whether or not drowning your assailant underwater is useful or not and talking about Skyfall. And we were pretty loud. ¬†That’s why I don’t have a girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen.¬†

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Posted on Tuesday, 12 February
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  1. mustbequality said: This is the reason You Will get a girlfriend because your not afraid to like what you like and your not going to pretend you’re something you’re not
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  3. steadyinghope said: For the record, I’d love it if a guy would talk to me about Skyfall. It was a phenomenal cinema masterpiece.
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  5. automotiveprincess said: Shaddap, any girl who thinks that is lame isn’t worth your time.
  6. andrewthespookyone said: So you like zoey then?
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