My mother can be very strict and independent.  She always yells at me when ever I joke about not doing homework (when I actually do), gets on my butt for not doing chores, and sometimes lectures me about why I will end up alone and won’t yield her grandchildren.  She is the reason I sometimes doubt my faith, and causes me stress almost every time I see her.

However, I really love this woman.  She has taught me how to be the person I am today, with a focus on the future and career. She has helped me choose a major and even though she isn’t really into religion, has accepted my choice of a private christian college.  She is the one who has developed my taste in fashion, reminding me that I will grow up to be a man, and I won’t be a teenager forever and I should dress like I want to impress.  She never refuses to take me places (as I am working on my license problem). Most importantly, she is always there to talk to.  She gives me the hard advice, letting me know when I’m being naive and stupid.  She is the best mom I could ever ask for.

I love my mother.

(Picture taken during Church Tea Party. Isn’t my mom gorgeous?)

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Posted on Sunday, 13 May
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